About Chuquibamba


Chuquibamba  is the main town of the Distrito Chuquibamba, which is part of the Provincia de Chachapoyas that belongs to the Departamento Amazonas.

Introduction to Chuquibamba

The town is located in the upper valley of the Rio Chacahuayco, about 2700m over sea level.

Within the district are also the sources of the Rio Utcubamba, all these rivers are eastern tributaries of the Marañon.

Chuquibamba is a classic Spanish colonial town and was founded in the year 1562.

The towns of Pusac, Cochabamba, Atuén and La Morada and several other smaller settlements are part of the District. In total there are about 3500 inhabitants.

Within the District are several famous and fascinating ruins that belong to the Chachapoyas culture. In the towns of Cochabamba and Atuén are also Inca ruins, the only ones in the Departamento Amazonas.

The District counts with a large variety of climates and of course with a rich variety of agricultural production.

Its landscapes, rivers and small lakes, the beautiful fields and its kind inhabitants make the Distrito de Chuquibamba  something special.